At Discipleship Dynamics, Our motto is, “I am a disciple by choice.” Every Christian must choose to follow Christ in obedience to Scripture by the power of the Holy Spirit. In addition, each disciple is a part of the Body of Christ (I Corinthians 12), and this is best expressed through participation in the local church. No one can grow alone for any length of time. Our destiny – the full development of our calling, gifts and talents for God’s glory and the good of others – is fulfilled in relationships with others! If we are teachers, we need students. If we have service gifts, there are people needing Christ’s compassion through us. And the reverse is true: we need the gifts of others for our own personal growth.

We know that discipleship is an entire way of life, not just a program or process. There is no “graduation” from this “School of the Holy Spirit” until either our natural death of the Return of Jesus. We can, however, measure and celebrate progress. This is why we encourage individuals and communities to retake the Assessment after several months. There is no additional cost to the participant or the organization for taking the Assessment up to three (3) times in one calendar year.

May we challenge you here? The DDA is biblical, comprehensive, and practical. It integrates all major dimensions of life. Once you begin, the road ahead will be challenging, exciting, and free from excuses of ignorance or impossibility. If you believe in the Bible’s promises and the Holy Spirit’s enabling power, real, substantive growth is possible.

Are you satisfied with just getting by? Are you content with mediocrity? Or do you want more for yourself and your community, a richer experience of the fullness of Jesus Christ and his empowerment for our mission?

If you are ready to say “Yes!” to Christ more fully and enter a new adventure in spiritual growth, welcome!