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How do I add users to my group?
How do I view my results?
How do I register a group?
How do I retrieve my lost or forgotten password?
Q.How do I add users to my group?

The Discipleship Dynamics system provides two ways to add users to your group: File Upload or Email Invitation.


On your Group Dashboard you will see an area labeled "Invitations":




Add by File Upload:

You may upload a CSV file of your group email addresses by clicking "Choose File (1)," navigating to the correct file on your computer and clicking upload (2). Once you click "Upload", the system will populate the email address field with the contents of your file. Once populated, simply click "Invite" to send invitations to your users. If you do not see the email addresses from your file populating the email address field, you will need to check your file format. If you are not sure of the correct file format you may download an example file by clicking here.




Add by Email Invitation:

Simply enter your group email addresses in the field one address per line. Click invite.  



Q.How do I view my results?

To view your results, log in to your Personal Dashboard using your registered email address and the password you selected.


Once you log in, you will see your Personal or Group Dashboard. View your personal test results by clicking on the links circled below:







Q.How do I register a group?

For Group Registration, you must first create an account:


On the next page, select the Group radio button (1) and enter your account information. On the right side of the Group Dashboard, use the slider to select the number of participants in your group (2).


Choose your payment option of "Monthly" or "One Time Payment" and click "Create Account":



Click "Proceed to Payment" and enter your Credit Card information.



Once your payment is authorized, your will be taken to your Group Dashboard:


You will notice that you have no test results. When you add users to your group and they complete the Assessment, the percentages will begin to populate. 

The next step is adding users to your group.




Q.How do I retrieve my lost or forgotten password?


To retrieve your password, you will need to click on the Account Login page and choose "Forgot Password":



The following page will allow you to enter the email address you used to register your account:



If you enter an email that is not found in the system you will receive the following error screen:



If entered correctly, you will receive the following email: (Be sure to check your Spam and Junk email folders. If you DO NOT get an error - you can be sure that the email has been sent to the address you entered.)



By clicking on the link in the email you recieve, you will be sent to the following screen to enter your new password: