Johan Mostert - 2/5 - Discipleship Dynamics

Maundy Thursday

So, what’s “Maundy” anyway?

Today is “Maundy Thursday” but most of us have no idea of this day or its meaning; we normally associate it with other religious traditions.  The […]

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God’s Economy

Please relax, this is not another sermon on tithing or financial stewardship. These are great subjects, but God’s economy is so much more than our checkbooks […]

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Of Plutocrats and Christmas Trees

There is no such thing as a “self-made” millionaire.  Of course there are many creative people who have used their talents and skills to be innovative […]

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Liberated from Our History

Millions of hours and billions of dollars are spent on (often much needed) personal therapy as women and men grapple with their past. Our assessments of […]

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