Johan Mostert - 5/5 - Discipleship Dynamics

Shawn Lee

Entrepreneur Shaun Lee: “But he’s a skiver!”

I was delighted to meet Shaun during my recent visit to Singapore.  He has a problem: his future mother-in-law thinks that entrepreneurs are “skivers”.  “Before you […]

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Peter vd Berg and I

Friends in the Kingdom are like Family

I last saw Peter van den Berg 25 years ago when Reinhard Bonnke asked him to book three of us from South Africa into one of […]

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Crowd Surfing on a Holy Mosh Pit

I don’t know anything about heavy metal, or hardcore punk music rock concerts.  It’s not really my scene.  But I’ve often been intrigued by a phenomenon that […]

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Taste of Victory Dinner

Death, discipleship and discovery

Blogging about discipleship was supposed to be a walk in the park for me!  After all, I’ve had years of experience as a pastor and as […]

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