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My Old Red Letter Bible

Ten Things to “Teach Them”: Red letters!

Discipleship is not complicated, it’s just HARD.  I remember getting my first “Red Letter” Bible when I was 11.  It was so cool to flip through […]

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Spiritual Adventuring: The Adventure Begins

Thank you for your interest in my sabbatical blog! Let me introduce you to my great adventure in this first post. I have been generously granted […]

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Sacred-Secular Divide: A toxic concept!

For many of us, when someone goes into “full-time ministry” we have referred to them as entering a “higher calling”.  In fact we commonly speak of […]

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Searching for a definition of Discipleship

For many Christians today the measure of discipleship has been reduced to being skilled at activities that happen on a Sunday: worship and prayer, or possibly […]

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