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How will the Discipleship Dynamics system benefit my college?

The Christian College or University sets itself the goal of developing the spiritual maturity of their students, in addition to developing their academic proficiency.  But as with other academic programs, it is faced with the challenge to create measurable outcomes for its student learning goals.  The Student Version of Discipleship Dynamics operationalizes the concept of “Whole Life Discipleship” and provides the College or University with measurable data to assess and compare student discipleship outcomes.

How it works:

At any point in the academic year, the College/University team registers on our website and purchases any number of Assessments. They then decide how many sub-groups they would like to create (e.g. male freshmen, female seniors, etc.). They send an email from their DD dashboard to every student in the sub-group inviting the student to go online and take the first Assessment. After the student finishes their Assessment they receive a 13 to 15-page Discipleship Profile, giving them a breakdown of their scores, and an explanation of what that score means.

When all the students have done their Assessments, the College/University receives a group report of the average scores of all students (per group) on all the outcomes. They will be able to determine:

  • How isolated and lonely female freshmen feel on campus
  • How positive senior students feel about the future
  • How comfortable students are with their level of Bible knowledge
  • How equipped students feel to share their faith
  • How confident male students feel about managing their sexuality
  • How sensitive the students are to reach out to marginalized people groups
  • To what extent do students feel that they have the call of God on their lives

The scores on 32 Discipleship Outcomes (34 for married students) will help the Ministry Staff to set spiritual outcome goals for their student body. Later in the academic year, the entire exercise can be repeated, and scores can be compared to discover which areas have improved, and which need more attention.

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