For Such a Time as This

This moment of coronavirus crisis is a great opportunity to re-calibrate our discipleship efforts, thinking more about outcomes than programs, and more about resourcing one another than having meetings.

There is much discussion on the best ways to make disciples and see true maturity, stability, and vitality in believers. All leaders are emphasizing both relationships and sound doctrine, practical disciplines and inner transformation.

What is missing is a clear vision of flourishing, of health in all dimensions of life. The Discipleship Dynamics Assessment offers this vision and the ability to measure progress. As the Lord is leading your community in making disciples, consider offering clarity about what health looks like!

Leaders, please take your key ideas and phrases that characterize your mission, vision, values, and ethos, etc. and begin writing down what these mean in the everyday life of a believer. Then begin using your website and the passions and skills and experiences of congregants to help each other grow.

And if you want to measure progress and evaluate improvements, the Discipleship Dynamics Assessment is here for you! Here is the site…it will change your perspective and encourage maturity!

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