From Revival to Awakening

We are thankful to God for every personal, local church, and community-wide spiritual revival. It is wonderful when God’s people reignite their passion for love and truth, consecration, and evangelism. It is a joy seeing new converts baptized and added to our churches. American and global church history are filled with seasons of spiritual refreshing and renewal.

But the Lord has even more in store for us as we pursue God’s glory and the good of others. In special moments of history, the reviving work of the Spirit also overflows to social and spiritual transformation of neighborhoods and nations, touching every people group and domain of society. Put simply, the people of God have influence and impact in economic and social structures. We call this overflow awakening.

The Discipleship Dynamics Assessment (DDA)™ is an effective tool, offering an accurate snapshot of a believer’s walk with the Lord and offering leaders a Dashboard of a group’s health. If you look carefully, you will see that the Dimensions and Outcomes are not restricted to private spirituality. The DDA and the vision presented in our new book, Life in 5D: A New Vision of Discipleship (both found at, offers pathways toward awakening, call god’s people to share the gospel wisely with others, mentor others, be sensitive to the marginalized, and seek the common good, among many others. This is faithful mission, not fortress religion!

Will you join us in seeing thousands of churches and millions of believers empowered for Monday’s mission? Perhaps helping people see a clear picture of flourishing in Christ will be one catalyst in God’s work of awakening.

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