Please relax, this is not another sermon on tithing or financial stewardship. These are great subjects, but God’s economy is so much more than our checkbooks and business ledgers.

Our word “economy” derives from the Greek word, oikonomia what refers to household management or stewardship. God’s oikonomia of all things (Eph. 1, 3) is his oversight and careful management of all of creation, including his church and our lives. And (insert drum roll here) God invites us to co-labor with him in caring for creation and fulfilling his mission of reconciliation (Gen 1-2; 2 Cor. 6:1-2)!

Practically, God has given each of us our abilities, personalities, strengths, passions, gifts, skills, opportunities, and relationships so that we can glorify him and bring good to the world (Rom. 12-13). God’s economy is every one of us discovering and using all our gifts – and helping others in this dynamic process.

Discipleship is being a lover of Jesus and a life-long learner of the ways of God. Do not wait for some special experience to get started participating in God’s economy. God has many great experiences ahead – but you already have much in your power to do right now. Start investing your resources today in service of God and others. Make good use of time. Do your work (however boring) with excellence. Help someone that cannot return the favor. Encourage a fellow believer that they have much to offer the church and the world.

Regardless of our economic status, we can all be biblically rich as we serve the Lord with joy (Col. 3:16-17).