The Leaders Quick Guide for the Discipleship Dynamics Assessment™ (DDA)

Leaders, here is a way to quickly gain insights on your congregation, with reasonable cost and much hope. The following assumes you are interested in knowing how your members understand their current life with the Lord.

Step 1: On the website, register yourself if you have not already. We recommend that you complete the assessment yourself prior to administering to your group.

Step 2: Create a group that will include core leadership. Purchase enough assessments for this first test run. The leader will receive a dashboard of the results.

Step 3: Discuss the results with the team.

Step 4: Purchase sufficient assessments (see below for the number) to ensure an accurate snapshot of your community and ask the members to take the Assessment: “To help us serve you better.” This can be an annual or biannual rhythm.

Step 5: Prayerfully assess the results and begin resourcing in new ways. NOTE: Here is the scoring guide: 0-25%: a new or very weak area; 25-50%: Real growth, much room for improving; 50-75%: Solid, with room for growth; 75-100%: mature, still open to refinement. Most scores are 40s-80s.

And, finally, remember that the DDA is not a divine report card, but a biblical and empirical picture of how your members currently understand their lives.

Sample Size for your Community
ASSUMPTION: a reasonable range of age, gender, culture, race, etc.
This includes at least 85% accuracy and a margin of error of 5%

For a church or organization of x number of adults:
50 adults: 40 participants are needed
100: 60 are needed
200: 100 are needed
300: 120 are needed
400: 140 are needed
500: 150 are needed
800: 165 are needed
1000: 175 are needed
5000: 200 are needed

Welcome to the discipleship revolution – moving from activity to fruitfulness and programs to outcomes, with every member a resource for others!