One thing is certain: The climate WILL change!

The recent Paris Summit on Climate Change attracted hundreds of leaders, all concerned about the effects of human activity on global weather patterns and the environment. Phrases such as “immanent crisis” and “the survival of humanity” were frequently used.

Humankind does “leave a footprint” on the earth. The image of God in us unleashes creativity and innovation as we fashion new products and services from our imaginations and natural resources. Alas, our sinful nature is also manifest in our abuse of the environment and poor stewardship of our Father’s beautiful world.

It is possible to integrate concern for our planet with care for people and making profits in our enterprises. Several recent global studies demonstrate the harmony of care for the environment with creativity and innovation and participation in the global and local economy. Regardless of our particular opinions on climate change, Christians are called to Creation care.

This is why the Discipleship Dynamics Assessment includes Outcomes that focus not only on economics and work, but also on caring for the environment. Without any ideological or political partisanship, we believe that disciples of Jesus Christ should be the best stewards of God’s gifts and diligently labor for the common good.

While the world debates, we can be “doers of the Word” – caring for the marginalized and working for the common good as we thoughtfully carry out our callings.

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