Thank you for your interest in my sabbatical blog! Let me introduce you to my great adventure in this first post.

I have been generously granted by the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (where I have been serving for the past eight years as Professor of Biblical Studies and Exposition) a twelve-month release from all teaching and administrative responsibilities (during the 2014-15 school year) to undertake research in libraries and personal experiences for a book called Spiritual Adventuring: Journeying Deeper into the Presence and Power of God. My husband, Jan, and I are traveling around the world (in the UK, Scandinavia, Europe, Egypt, the US, and China) as spiritual pilgrims to places where people have come to know Jesus Christ in an intimate way through the power of the Holy Spirit, both in history and today. We are interested in understanding and experiencing personally how this kind of deep formation comes, not only to individuals, but especially how God has raised up communities of transformation.

In the past ten years, Jan and I have grown so hungry for more of God. We have pursued all the avenues available in our church tradition to seek the Lord and have made the most of our times alone with God. We have also taken several life-changing silent retreats. Jan took a correspondence course in Christian spirituality and has read a stack of books on the topic 48 inches tall!  I felt led to pursue training in the ministry of spiritual companionship in listening prayer; and just this spring completed the Selah certificate program in spiritual direction (Leadership Transformations – Selah Spiritual Direction traininghttp://www.leadershiptransformations.org/selah.htm).

Our spiritual hunger to know Christ continues to increase.

We rejoice that just this August, our denomination (the Assemblies of God) celebrated its centennial anniversary! Yet the modern Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Third-Wave movements of the last one-hundred years do not constitute the only people of the Spirit since New Testament times; we find His life-giving activity breaking in throughout history. Insights and exemplars from the span of Christian history and all branches of the Church can enrich our understanding, authenticate our experience, and call all Christ-followers to go even deeper still.

If you are also sensing a divine invitation and God’s Spirit wooing you closer to Jesus, we hope you’ll enjoy journeying with us through this blog!

We look forward to your comments.

Blessings to our all fellow pilgrims!

Debbie Gill