The Assessment: History and Hope

When we were creating the Discipleship Dynamics Assessment (DDA), we listened to the insights of hundreds of leaders in all fields of work who were committed to discipleship. We found that everyone was on board for assessing spiritual, emotional, and relational dimensions.

What makes the DDA revolutionary in the INTEGRATION of Vocational Clarity (calling and purpose beyond today’s daily work) and Economics and Work (ALL daily tasks and the fact we are part of various economies) with the spiritual life!

There is no “secular” employment for the people of God – only God’s work in us and through us in everything we do! It is TODAY’s discipline that is tomorrow’s destiny. Yes, there is much injustice and toil in our work – but it is the place where God’s purposes are lived out.

There are two special crises confronting our world with huge implications for our discipleship and mission: anthropology and epistemology. What does it mean to be humanity in God’s image, male and female? Clarity on identity, wholeness and purpose is more important than ever.

How do we know anything with reasonable certainty? Maturing believers can answer these questions with substantial wisdom. With so much “data” we are starved for accurate knowledge and wisdom. The Assessment helps us focus.

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