The Team

All three DD team members are co-authors of the new book, Life in 5D: A New Vision of Discipleship that focuses on the Five Dimensions and 35 Outcomes of the Assessment.

Johan Mostert, Ph.D. (University of Pretoria)

Johan is the Co-Founder and data scientist of Discipleship Dynamics Assessment and is passionate about the dimensions of Personal Wholeness and Healthy Relationships. Join him in caring for those that God cares deeply about: all classes and cultures, economic and social groups. Caring for the marginalized and vulnerable will mobilize the compassion and giftedness of every member of your church or organization. Johan will help you see how neighborhoods and nations flourish when the whole person and the entire community are in view.

Johan brings to your church, business, and organization more than half a century of experience as a pastor, psychologist and professor, executive leader in compassion and social service organizations, entrepreneurial thinking, and dedication to justice and opportunity for all. He currently serves as the Director of Family and Community Resources for COMPACARE.

Charlie Self, Ph.D. (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Charlie serves as the Co-Founder and integration leader of Discipleship Dynamics, LLC. Charlie demonstrates how Spiritual Formation undergirds all dimensions of a believer’s life. life. His strength is assisting leaders and organizations with strategic insights, master planning, by creating pathways for progress through the life of your church or organization. Charlie offers a vision of wholeness and biblically grounded and scientifically affirmed ways of celebrating progress in both individuals and communities.

He brings 40+ years of experience as a pastor and professor, consultant and public voice, author and speaker to help your church or organization move forward in its divine purpose. Charlie is a Visiting Professor at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and several other institutions, a consultant to numerous groups, and Chief Intellectual Officer of the Pathmakers Foundation.

Jamé Bolds, Ph.D., (Candidate: Stellenbosch University)

Jamé is a Director at Discipleship Dynamics, LLC, and focuses on helping leaders understand their churches’ discipleship dimensions of Vocational Clarity and Work & Economics. It’s impossible to disciple well without a focus on Monday through Saturday. Helping believers integrate their calling and daily work is vital for mission. The Assessment will help pastors and leaders organize all expressions of equipping, and transform the preaching schedule because of the knowledge provided by the people taking the Assessment.

Jamé is an economic theologian and CEO of the Pathmakers Foundation, an operating philanthropic foundation, that funds and walks with leaders in marginalized communities. As a pastor, he had led spiritual and economic revitalization in churches, creating sustainability for mission.

We are Here to Help!

We are grateful you have started a transformational journey to maturity and wholeness as you engage the Discipleship Dynamics Assessment™ (DDA) personally, and in your community or organization. We are here to help.

Our team available to serve include the two co-designers of the DDA, Drs. Johan Mostert and Charlie Self, and pastor, theologian, and community renewal leader, Jamé Bolds. Together we are partners in helping leaders use the Assessment and the growing body of resources well.

After a complimentary initial conversation, we each offer the following services, with varied pricing depending on the capacity of the leader and organization:

  • Executive Briefing: a 60-90-minute interactive conversation with key leaders helping connect the DDA with the ethos of the community.
  • Implementation Intensive: a 30-60-day coaching/consultation that will help you design, test and implement outcome-based discipleship in your organization
  • Leadership coaching and consultation: As schedules allow, this can include personal sessions with senior leaders and strategic conversations as needed.

If you are ready for positive change, please contact us for availability and pricing at