Using DDA For Colleges & Universities

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The Discipleship Assessment is now available for use in colleges!

  • College Version
    • Assesses 32 biblically based discipleship Outcomes
    • Outcomes have been adapted to the context of student life
    • Students receive a confidential 10-page printout on their personalized, self-assessments
  • College administrators can
    • Monitor the impact of their campus spiritual disciplines
    • Assess discipleship needs of incoming students
    • Design chapel and small group ministry supports based on student feedback
    • Assess the impact of core spiritual curriculum requirements
    • Test and re-test student cohorts to evaluate outcomes
  • Professors can
    • Conduct empirical research on spiritual outcomes
    • Produce articles for peer-reviewed journals that insist on empirical research
    • Guide their graduate students to this unique instrument in projects and dissertations to promote discipleship

The demographics and identifying details of students can be tailored to the specific needs of the institution (e.g., student’s academic year, choice of major/minor, participation in specific courses, denominational background, marital status, spiritual experiences, etc.)

Endorsement from University of Northwestern–St. Paul that is using the College Version in their core curriculum:

Life in 5-D presents a holistic model for discipleship that reflects the Kingdom values of Jesus. At the University of Northwestern–St. Paul, we use the authors’ Discipleship Dynamics Assessment in our core curriculum because we want to send out graduates who are fully devoted to Jesus and who live out the values of Jesus wherever God sends them. Life in 5-D complements this assessment by offering a biblical and practical discussion of thirty-five holistic outcomes that we can expect to see in the life of a disciple.”

Dale L. Lemke, PhD
Associate Professor of Christian Ministries,
University of Northwestern–St. Paul