Welcome to Discipleship Dynamics 4.0: A New Era

Friends, we are so excited to share with you all the new developments with the Discipleship Dynamics Assessment (DDA) and the mission we are on with you to transform discipleship. We are calling this new era beginning today, “DDA 4.0.” Why? Because we have learned so much in the last decade that we can confidently declare that our vision is clearer, our assessments are more refined, and the new resources we are offering make our entire mission more complete.

A little history, from 1.0 to 4.0: We introduced the DDA in 2013 with five Dimensions and 40 Outcomes. It was met with approval and many joined us in this unprecedented vision and evaluation of whole-life discipleship. In listening to users, they asked if it could be more streamlined and have an outcome focused on physical health. We heard you and the DDA 2.0 was born a couple years later. Since 2016, we have been refining this tool that offers a unique snapshot of a believer’s current walk with the Lord.

In 2018 we worked hard and created a DDA for college-age students and tested it at one university. It was a success, so we kept refining it and we are proud to say that DDA 3.0, representing the last three years (2019-2022), includes this customizable resource for colleges and universities. In the shadow of the pandemic and with higher education under pressure, we have renewed interest in helping schools assess their education and empowerment of their students.

And now, DDA 4.0! We are pleased to announce our new book, Life in 5D: A New Vision of Discipleship is now available at our website: www.discipleshipdyanmics.com. It is a beautiful guide and comprehensive handbook explaining the 5 Dimensions and 35 Outcomes, offering insights for a flourishing life for every believer, and practical ways to incorporate the DDA into the life of any church or organization. This is NOT your typical paperback book…it is a volume you will be referring to for years to come. Our book is bound and printed in the USA of the finest materials and the e-book reads easily. We have also updated the website and are now including weekly essays and videos for your encouragement.

Come join the revolution! Let’s trust God that thousands of women and men and hundreds of churches and organizations will become intentional followers of Jesus and welcome Christ’s leadership in all of life.

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