Measure the effectiveness of your Discipleship Program.

A biblical, comprehensive, practical assessment offering individuals and churches clear understanding of the effectiveness of their current discipleship strategy.

Announcing a new partnership with the Assemblies of God

My Healthy Church is pleased to partner with Discipleship Dynamics and to provide resources linked to the Discipleship Dynamics Assessment Outcomes, offering an easy way for leaders to focus their discipleship process using Spirit-empowered books, curriculum and other growth tools.

John Davidson
Director of Discovery & Development,
AG National Leadership and Resource Center

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    For Church Members

    Discover all that God has for you by discovering the areas where you are the strongest.
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    For Pastors

    Pastors and leaders, this assessment will help you with a “snapshot” of where you are in your community journey toward maturity as disciples of Jesus Christ. As Pastors and leaders, you are called to “make disciples.” What this assessment does is help you by providing clear goals and enabling you to focus your efforts.
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    For Small Groups

    You can enhance your coaching and mentoring efforts with tangible goals. You might develop groups that target one of more of the dimensions or outcomes. If groups are studying Scripture, connections between the Bible passages and specific outcomes will deepen your congregant’s appreciation for the Word. 
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    Discover. Define. Disciple.

    Discipleship Dynamics has created the first-of-its-kind Online Discipleship Assessment that identifies the barriers each of us could face in our discipleship journey. Why not start today?
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