Using the DDA for Groups

Small Group leaders and pastors with the responsibility to promote discipleship in the church can use the DDA to adapt the discipleship curriculum to the expressed needs of their group!

The Discipleship Dynamics Assessment (DDA) is a biblical, empirically validated and comprehensive assessment of how individual believers and communities are growing in Christ in five major Dimensions and 35 Outcomes.

How Can the Discipleship Dynamics Assessment Be Used for Groups?

  • A resource for educators to determine growth throughout courses.
  • A revolutionary tool for counselors and mentors to promote Wholistic Discipleship.
  • dashboard for group leaders to analyze average scores of their group and then tailor their discipleship to group needs.
  • An invaluable source of data for church leaders to plan their ministry themes for the year with reliable feedback from the congregation!

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How do I use the DDA as a group leader?

How do I create a group?

“Making Healthy Disciples” A Guide for Leaders

We are Here to Help!

We are grateful you have started a transformational journey to maturity and wholeness as you engage the Discipleship Dynamics Assessment™ (DDA) personally, and in your community or organization. We are here to help.

Our team available to serve include the two co-designers of the DDA, Drs. Johan Mostert and Charlie Self, and pastor, theologian, and community renewal leader, Jamé Bolds. Together we are partners in helping leaders use the Assessment and the growing body of resources well.

After a complimentary initial conversation, we each offer the following services, with varied pricing depending on the capacity of the leader and organization:

  • Executive Briefing: a 60-90-minute interactive conversation with key leaders helping connect the DDA with the ethos of the community.
  • Implementation Intensive: a 30-60-day coaching/consultation that will help you design, test and implement outcome-based discipleship in your organization
  • Leadership coaching and consultation: As schedules allow, this can include personal sessions with senior leaders and strategic conversations as needed.

If you are ready for positive change, please contact us for availability and pricing at