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Welcome to the discipleship revolution!

Life in 5D: A New Vision of Discipleship is a reimagination and restoration of how we see wholeness in Christ. We focus on biblical outcomes and all dimensions of the believer’s life.

Discipleship is more than processes and programs. It is no less that the fullness of the life of Jesus empowered by the Holy Spirit.

We have identified 5 Dimensions and 35 Outcomes that are rooted in Scripture and apply to all cultures and traditions. We help people see how they are doing in:
• Spiritual Formation (loving God)
• Personal Wholeness (emotional health)
• Healthy Relationships (loving our neighbor)
• Vocational Clarity (living with a calling/purpose)
• Economics and Work (daily life and labor).

Underneath this new book is the unique Discipleship Dynamics Assessment that offers the believer a profile of their current walk with the Lord and encouragement to continue growing. The Assessment is found here:

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What readers are saying:

“From a deep reservoir of theological reflection and many years of practical experience, the authors have designed innovative and helpful tools for assessing the disciple’s progress toward maturity.”

From the Foreword by Tom Nelson, Lead Senior Pastor, Christ Community Church of Kansas City, KS; Founder and President, Made to Flourish, author, Work Matters, The Economics of Neighborly Love, and The Flourishing Pastor

What readers are saying:

“This is a powerful team, and this book and the assessment on which it is built are based on revolutionary tools for transforming how we see discipleship.”

From the Afterword by Scott A. Hagan, President of North Central University, Minneapolis, MN, and author of, The Language of Influence and Personal Power, and The Influential Disciple

What readers are saying:

“I found Life in 5D a genuinely new vision of discipleship… [it is] a decidedly engaging and readable storyline.”

Rev. Dr. Joseph S. Girdler, Superintendent, Kentucky Assemblies of God

What readers are saying:

“[The authors] are timely with this resource to reboot our broken discipleship models and practices, so the church produces all-of-life disciples.”

Luke Brad Bobo, author, speaker, Visiting Professor of Contemporary culture, Covenant Seminary

What readers are saying:

“Life in 5D is a look at discipleship with a special focus on where we spend most of our productive week – what we do Monday through Friday. This integration of faith and work is often missing in our reflection about our walk and faith.”

Darrell Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary

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